by Preoccupied Pipers

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Written/performed/produced by KC Bowman


Friends delight from distant quarter
Those who feel no discomposure
Rule your land of thousand-chariots
Tender reverence and sincerity

Common sense is commonplace
It’s also communist

Your analects perplex
Your text eludes us
I’ll solve it once again
until it wraps around my head
In a shroud of discontent
Shrug it off, keep your balance
Creep around what you could say

Upright, temperate, kind and courteous
Modes of asking information
Filial ways of reeling fathers
Polar stars we turn toward them now

Social media, social justice: socialism’s creed

I’ve analyzed the rest and tested proofs, yes
We all do what we can
The villain gathers simple sentences
And now we all contend
With the rights of the people
Who’ve no impulse to contain

The man elected failed in trying to rule us
Despondent once again
And civil rights have left the page
Sing it loud and say it plain
Hug your dog, sleep in silence
Be empowered in what you say

What’s Happening is only an illusion
Resolve to apprehend, ’til we’re simpatico again
’Til we climb up the steeple with the world
With yourself, with your own two tired feet

Someone else, someone sweet
Someone only pleased to meet you here in hell.


released September 8, 2018




Preoccupied Pipers Oakland, California

Miscellaneous rock and roll mumbo jumbo that we pull out of our collective ass.

Always free on your newstand.

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