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Written by KC Bowman / Barbara West / Michael Ishizue


Long straight road / empty spaces / mountains to the edge
Drier air / we're staying here instead
One-up shortcut / clearly shows I'm not alone
Declining the free car wash / hanging up the phone

Get your keys / prepare your tools again
And prove as predators
It isn't me / It's not just you
It's me and you: competitors
Somber toothpicks / custom playlist / ticket to the show

Stop to eat / smile and greet / they don't suspect your plan
My little song you sing because you can
Incomplete / weary feet / entering your PIN
The stainless steel / the dusty feel
I hope they let us in

You got dreams / so rest your foolish head
And scheme your characters
You got me / I got you too
It's me and you: competitors
Sunrise, swelter / seeking shelter
Something far from home


from All Hail Cloris Leachman (2021), track released September 3, 2018
KC Bowman - Guitar, Drums, Piano, Vocals
Barbara West - Vocals
Michael Ishizue - Bass




Preoccupied Pipers Oakland, California

Miscellaneous rock and roll mumbo jumbo that we pull out of our collective ass.

Always free on your newstand.

Set Ultraman Free.

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