Best Shot

by Preoccupied Pipers

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The news talks about COVID deaths, but, as part of a team of providers calling COVID patients at home I witnessed suffering on a scale never before seen during my 29 years as a nurse. Most of the patients I talked to survived, but many were extremely ill for weeks or months. Some of them may never recover their full respiratory function. I wrote this song out of my exhaustion from 19 months of working extra shifts. I can't get myself to sign up for any more right now, and I feel bad that this puts more of a burden on my colleagues. Please, if you are eligible, get vaccinated.
-- Barbara West, September 2021


Best Shot
by Barbara West

We’re giving it our best shot
It's not perfect
It's not perfect

We’re giving it our best shot
We’re not perfect
I’m not perfect

Dear ….. afraid to put your body on the line
I got news for you honey
Your body’s sittin’ next to mine

Front line
Back line
Right in the middle

No one’s gettin’ outta here alive
But I say stick around give it a try

Leave a little later
Leave a little later
Leave a little space for me

Leave a little later
Leave a little later
Leave a little space for me

It’s gone on too long
and I want some company

You don't wanna put your body on the line
With something not tried-and-true
But expectations are illusions
Every day is born brand new

We’re falling backwards into the future
We never see until it's here
Please lean in together now
Side-by-side we’ll make it clear

That square on the screen, it isn't me in the flesh
That square on the screen isn't me in the flesh
That square on the screen isn't you in the flesh
Because those squares on that screen don’t add up to our flesh

The dirty warm flesh
The bone thin flesh
The sweet chubby flesh
We gotta touch what’s left

The sympathetic flesh
The feather light breath
Take an intimate step
For the best thing yet

The symptomatic flesh
The underdog breath
The tender-lovin flesh
Here at our old door step

The animal flesh
Animated breath
This sorrow-happy flesh
We may have no time left

Hot potato flesh
Acapella breath
Instrumental death
Could leave us no time left


released September 29, 2021
Lead Vocals, Percussion: Barbara West
Choir: Marta Sykes, Paul Kagiwada, Jennifer West, KC Bowman
Drums, Percussion: Ned Sykes
Guitar, Bass, Rhodes, Percussion: KC Bowman
Saxophone: Joe Hayes
Trumpet: Noah Hayes

Lyrics: Barbara West
Music: Jeri Sykes, Barbara West & the group.




Preoccupied Pipers Oakland, California

Miscellaneous rock and roll mumbo jumbo that we pull out of our collective ass.

Always free on your newstand.

Set Ultraman Free.

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